Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the world beautiful

He stood on the other side of the TSA barrier, that now separated himself from her. In between the blobbing heads of busy travelers, he could see her face, and the quiet tears that clouded her eyes. He do not want to leave, say good bye. He wanted to stay with her.

He fought back the intense desire to run back to her, hold her tight. It took every ounce of strength to turn towards the gate. Each step strained against his inner most desire to be re-united. Each step ached.

He looked for strength. To him, their time together was reaffirmation he wanted to spend every day with her, eternity. And while he longed to hear she felt the same way, he found strength in the hope of being reunited. He hoped that they would make plans to be together and make it happen. Soon

And so from hope he found strength. He walked on, not because he wished to leave her. He knew he had to go, if he was to come back. And to come back is exactly everything he now lived for.

She made his world beautiful. He wasn’t going to let that go again, ever..