Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yes or no

So many times a simple yes or no answer is all that is needed. Instead, people answer with excuses and explanations. Excuses and explanations, nine times of out time, are not even necessary, maybe even counter productive.

Yes or no is all he wanted from her.

"Are you married", he asked.

"I never thought I would get married again".

Yes or no would have sufficed. His feelings for her would not have changed. Yes would mean there is a boundary not to be crossed. No meant no boundary. But her answer left more open questions than there were answers. Bewildered, he didn't say anything else.

He took her hand, held it softly in his. Looking into her eyes, he smiled softly.

"I should go, it's getting late" she said.

The pain set in. Twisting and writhing in his chest. Was she leaving to be with someone else? Or would leaving mean she would be alone for the night? Neither answer eased his mind. He wanted to spend the night with her, and see her smile as she woke in the morning.

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